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DYA Academy

DYA Academy is an elite, multi-sport training and educational institution designed for student-athletes who are looking to reach their ultimate potential, harness their strengths, and achieve their goals. Located in The Bill Harmon Center, Sherwood, Arkansas. Our academy offers a wide variety of programming, from 1st-12th grade, summer programs, to year-round camps, tournaments, team events, and professional training.

Beyond Curriculum 

At Beyond Curriculum, we have the higher education IT consulting services       you need to streamline operations, reduce costs and position students for success. Our goal is to establish a close     relationship with each of our clients, and we begin by listening closely to your needs.

   We’ll thoughtfully evaluate your circumstances to uncover the          opportunities and challenges facing your unique schedule to improve academics and player development expeditiously.

   We strive to do whatever it takes to promote student success by helping student athletes build a strong accessible portfolio, which can be viewed and evaluated through social media platforms.

  Beyond Curriculum has analyzed what has worked across the industry for over two decades to develop a unique, holistic approach to your institution’s needs.

  Many of the relationships we established in our early years are as strong as ever today, as our clients know how much we care.


Acellus Vectored Instruction® is a powerful intervention strategy that fills critical holes in a student’s understanding to accelerate learning. When a foundational deficiency is diagnosed, Vectored Instruction goes as far back as necessary, even pulling from prior grade-levels if required, to fill in the missing foundational knowledge.  Once the student has restored that requisite foundation, they resume the course where they left off, better prepared for success.

Student Shadowing

Shadow programs are a great way to break into difficult career fields. For students who want to gain experience in research, medicine, law, or other professions normally requiring an advanced degree, shadowing is a way to gain some insight and experience without the commitment of a degree. You will learn about the field and forge important connections with people who might ultimately write you a recommendation or even offer you a job.

Student Development

DYA Academy has a one-of-a-kind growth environment where each individual is a competitive student-athlete, unified in their pursuit of maximum potential. Developed over the course of more than 20 years by our highly skilled team of innovative experts in Sport Science, Sport Psychology, Kinesiology, and Educational Leadership and Learning, our Athletic and Personal Development program promotes athletic progression, character development, and overall personal development. Our goal is to help student-athletes reach their full potential in sport and life while ensuring they feel confident and prepared for their next steps.

Parent Interface

DYA Academy’s students learn under the direct supervision of their academic consultant. DYA Academy empowers parents to take an integral role in their child’s education with a dedicated interface from which parents can track the progress and scores of their student in real-time.

By empowering parents with detailed insight regarding the progress of the learner, parents become a “sparkplug” for providing accountability and encouragement to students and take an active role in the learning process.

Comparable Tuition


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